Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


If the question of why can’t I lose
weight keeps coming up again and
again, or if you are sick and tired
of dieting and never keeping the
weight off, that is a great place to be!

It takes an attitude of being sick
and tired to say:

“There’s got to be a better way.”

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JackieTrottmannBeStillHello, I’m Jackie Trotttmann, founder of The Freedom to Eat – The Spiritual Connection to Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace.

I’ve lost over 500 pounds. The problem was, it was the same 30 over and over and over (did I say over?) again.

I try to live my life without regrets. The only regret I have is that I spent 30 years dieting and obsessing about food, my weight and my appearance.

For 12 wonderful years I’ve had what I call, “The Freedom to Eat.” I am free to eat whatever I want. My weight is stable and at a healthy weight for me. My mind is free from the chatter of what I’m going to eat, how much I weigh and the endless self-criticism. My body is free from the weight I carried and my soul is free from the emotional weight I carried. I want YOU to have this same freedom too!

In a sad and dysfunctional way, dieting had become my purpose in life. I’ve discovered that we hunger for much more than food or to be thin. We hunger to be loved and to feel whole. Lasting weight loss requires a mental, physical and spiritual connection.

If you can relate to what little I’ve shared with you, if you would like to get off of the merry-go-round of losing and gaining weight, put in your first name and primary email address in the form above and I’ll share the Three Diet Traps Report with you. You could be sabotaging your own efforts without even knowing it.

There’s a phrase I use a lot, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” I’ll be sharing more of my story with you and what that phrase means.

If you have an ongoing struggle with weight, I hope that I can help you to find freedom from dieting. Losing physical weight is what I focused on for over 30 years. I needed to focus on the emotional and spiritual weight that I carried. Once I did, losing the physical weight was effortless.

You are a unique and powerful presence in the world with unlimited potential. Your purpose for being here is much greater than dieting. Your purpose is to become the ultimate person your Creator created you to be.

To freedom,

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